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Frontaal Theaterbureau
Frontaal Theaterbureau, founded in 1988 by Mirjam Nebbeling and located in a historical building in Amsterdam, is a professional impresario in the field of theatre for a young audience. We are
 specialized in dance theater and visual music performances and we represent theater companies and creators who create public and school performances for children and teenagers from the ages of 3 to 18 years old. Frontaal stands for performances with an ‘artistic’ and ‘social’ mission, where content and form strengthen each other and the personal touch of the creator is visible.

Keyword is participation
The current landscape is different than 20 years ago. Young creators develop themselves in a time of scarcity and political- and economical tumult. We see this on stage in the form of social and engaging performances. Digital tools are gradually integrated; they’re almost always there and everywhere. The magic word is participation. The historically hierarchy of choreography, theatre makers, dancers and the public seems to be broken by interactive devices, talent shows, and a new generation who grows up with a constant dialogue.

What does Frontaal?
Frontaal has been striving for years to bring the full diversity of dance to the attention of children, teenagers and young adults, which we do by stimulating and coaching the affiliated creators, sharing their knowledge of the field, creating and starting special dance-events and by acquisitions of new and innovative groups. Besides that, we match creators with creative initiatives and ideas creating a valuable addition to the already existing dance supply for a young audience.

Presentation day
Frontaal organizes a presentation day once a year where we showcase our theatre productions of the upcoming year. On this day a majority of the performances can be seen by programmers of theaters and festivals from at home and abroad, as well as by young audiences. The date for this day can be found on our homepage.
In 2022, it will take place on Tuesday 11 January in Korzo, The Hague.